Me, thinking of Killian’s new clothes:


It’s not like I’ve been randomly collecting outfits I’d like to see Hook in or anything (glances around), but since we found out about the Frozen tie-in, I always thought he’d look pretty spectacular in something like those outfits above.

I’m torn on if I’d like him more in jeans or leather pants. Or just leather pants and nothing else. But his necklaces. You know, while he picks out a shirt or something. And if Emma could then walk in… and he could touch his ear… … ….. hmm. Lost my train of thought.

Yes. So. Clothing. Right.

I’m guessing the wardrobe department will want to set him apart from the way the other men have dressed — thinking Jefferson, Graham, August, Neal, Charming, Rumple. They each have their own style that you think of when you picture them. For example, I’m hoping Hook gets some sort of black leather jacket, but I doubt they’d want to match it to the one August wore.

I imagine Hook being picky about his clothing, too. He’ll want to look like the dashing rapscallion he is.

I’m pretty excited to see what they come up with!

(Also, I really really want the scene where he changes clothes. Because. Emma. Enchanted Forest. Parallels!)

Bonus for the flannel lovers:


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